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We help you build, scale and access global markets through
Academy ,Digital ,International ,Ventures

Our purpose is to promote creativity and innovation in businesses based on technology & social impact, within four verticals: Ventures, to build disruptive businesses; International, for global business expansion strategy; Digital, for communication, sales, marketing strategies and business development; and Academy, for developing a growth mindset. These verticals are focused on Startups & Entrepreneurs, Corporates & Social Business as well as Institutions.

HAG Academy

ONE-STOP-SHOP for disruptive education that creates a new sense of personal and/or professional purpose, strengthening the protagonism and guiding the search for new paths
HAG Ventures

We help entrepreneurs, startups and stablish enterprises to develop innovative business by connecting people, ideas and investment.
HAG Digital

We work as a guide in attracting the right audience and in spreading the word about the brand. Our methodologies follow the standards used in the most prominent startups worldwide.
HAG International

With a lean methodology, we connect companies to the world´s most important markets. Our objective is to make international business the rule and not the exception in Brazil.



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Examples of companies, organizations and institutions who trust HAG Group
  • AWS
  • Hubspot
  • Gust
  • Beracode
  • Nutrieduc
  • fae
  • eadbox
  • caixa filosofal
  • mentorio
  • engaged
  • wairon
  • space242
  • negocie precatorios

Institutions & Organizations

Judgement panels, mentorship and international & national programs to which we have been contributing

  • mit
  • eia
  • startup-grind
  • start-up chile
  • founder institute
  • start-up brasil
  • inovativa brasil
  • anjos do brasil
  • instituto legado
  • senai


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